Unleash your Potential
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Unleash your Potential
with Pythakon

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About The Hackathon

Pythakon'22 is an 36-hour Python Hack-a-Thon designed to allow participants to flex their Python skills and creativity. This hackathon aims to foster a technical temper among the student community and encourage healthy competition. It is an exclusive opportunity for participants to develop and showcase their expertise as well as to create innovative and exciting solutions to real-world problems.

Date: 5th & 6th August 2022
Venue: Charusat Campus
Team Size: 2 to 4 members
Eligibility: Open to all familiar with Python

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Mode of Conduct

Offline - Charusat Campus


5th & 6th
August 2022

Team Size

2 to 4



Hack Domains

Problem statements will be based on following tech domains.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision.

Machine Learning Deep Learning

Web Development

Python's role in web development can include sending data to and from servers, processing data and communicating with databases, URL routing, and ensuring security. Python offers several frameworks for web development. Commonly used ones include Django and Flask.

Django Flask


Python is a computer programming language often used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis. Python is a general-purpose language, meaning it can be used to create a variety of different programs and isn't specialized for any specific problems.

Desktop GUI

As a part of Python standard library - Tkinter gives you a possibility to create small, simple GUI applications. Most popular Third party related packages: PyQt, PySide, WxPython, Kivy. PyQt - most useful for desktop creation python bindings for the Qt (C++ based) application development framework.

Tkinter OpenGL

Data Analytics & Visualization

Python provides numerous libraries for data analysis and visualization mainly numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn etc. In this section, we are going to discuss pandas library for data analysis and visualization which is an open source library built on top of numpy.

Pandas Matplotlib

Prizes and Awards

Cash prizes and all deliverables will be announced shortly. All participants will receive Certificate of Participation


1st Place: INR 30,000
2nd Place: INR 20,000
3rd Place: INR 10,000


Certificate of Participation will be given to
all the participants.

Important Dates

Set your reminder for the upcoming dates.


2nd June to 28th July


5th August & 6th August

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions!

Who can participate?

The hackathon is open for Students from all over India. It is the right place for anyone who's interested in learning and innovating with their ideas.

How much will it cost?

Registration and Participation costs are completely Free!

How can I apply?

The registration would be simply done by just clicking the register button here.

What if I don't have enough coding experience?

No worries, Interest in learning and working with technology is much more important than your current experience level.

Why should i participate?

Hackathons are a great way to expand your network, brainstorm and unleash your potential to bring out the best in you! Also the winners would be getting some amazing prizes and hampers 🤑

Can we apply as a team?

Yes! We believe that you’re stronger as a team than apart. You can form teams of 2-4 people. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and development skills.

I’m want to participate but unable to find a team! 🥺

You can try finding like minded people on our discord server.

Do we need to have the entire projet idea fully working?

The entire idea need not be fully implemented however, the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

How do I get regular updates for the hackathon?

Just follow our cool social handles of Instagram and Discord 🤩